Clay Bar

What is a Clay Bar?

Clay Bar Is an engineered resin based compound designed to decontaminate the surface of your car’s paint. Our professionals glide the Clay Bar along with a Clay Luber along the surface of your vehicle’s paint – picking up anything that obstructs the surface of your vehicle’s finish leaving behind a smooth surface. It is recommended to have a professional clay bar your car to prevent damage. However, when used properly, detailing clay will not damage your car’s paint. Using a Clay bar that has been properly lubricated prevents scratches on the paint. Having a Clay Bar treatment performed on your vehicle rids the vehicle’s surface of contaminates that over time oxidize and rust below the clear coat.


Do I Need a Clay Bar Treatment?

Driving your vehicle on the road makes it susceptible to contaminants such as road debris, bugs, brake dust, and industrial fallout. After a professional Clay Bar Treatment your vehicle’s paint will be propery prepared for a coat of Paint Sealant or Wax. Paint Sealant and Wax will bond better to clean paint, leaving the vehicle with a vibrant mirror-like finish.

*Extra fee for excessively dirty vehicles with, pet hair, pet mess, vomit, mold/mildew, rotten food, etc.

Please let us know if your vehicle has an issue such as these so we can make sure to schedule enough time and be properly prepared to remedy the issue.

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